Apple May Ditch Intel In Favour Of ARM By 2020

By Subhajit Ghosh

A very big change may occur within a few years if everything goes as it is right now, and this change will surely drastically change many user experiences. But will it be good or Bad? Well as per reports, Apple might switch to ARM-based processors as early as the next year. The change might reflect across the entire line-up and should come into effect by 2020, according to officials from Intel.

Apple’s Mac computers are similar to Windows when it comes to the GPU and CPU (Except the fact that Apple tends to use more of AMD’s GPU). This switch will enable Apple to self-manufacture CPUs, without depending on Intel. The ARM SOCs are used in the iPhone and the iPad as well as the android market. The end goal, as experts say, is to make the app store common across all platforms, enabling a universal eco-system. This concept is currently used by Microsoft under the Windows Universal Platform. The project is called “Marzipan”.

Apple Switch To ARM
ARM Processor

As we all have heard or experienced at one point that Apple’s IOS optimization across all different platforms (iPhone, IPad, etc.) are second to none, providing excellent performance when it comes to Mobile OS. Well, that’s because Apple manufactures most of the hardware for their mobile systems, especially the CPU. Apple’s home-grown A Series of mobile CPUs are a total beast when it comes to pure performance.

But Apple is unable to do this level of optimization in their Mac/PC line-up, mostly because of lack of hardware optimization. In Apple’s pc category it uses Intel CPU and total hardware optimization suited perfectly from the ground is not maximum. But switching to a home-grown CPU can easily solve this problem, hence this proposal comes forth.

Also, we are very familiar with the whole Apple eco system because no offence to other brands but Apple’s ecosystem is superior to anything existing till today. Integrating the PC line-up optimization with this ecosystem will be like icing on the cake. A common app store platform and common interface as well. Which will make inter-compatibility even better.

Apple Switch To ARM
Apple A12

But it’s going to take a lot of work as well as planning. Because the problem here with this transition is two-fold. Switching from x86 to ARM is not easy, considering the market Apple has. Plus, Mac doesn’t have support for gaming as it is. This will worsen the situation. Also, Apple will need to code the OS differently to support PC grade apps. Not to forget that designing a PC grade CPU is not a fickle thing and takes immense planning & resource (Human & Material). But all those can be overcome with time. Let’s see how Apple goes about with this plan.

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