IPhone XS Max Destroys Google Pixel 3 XL in Speed Test

By Subhajit Ghosh

As soon as Google revealed their 2018 flagship, Pixel 3 XL, with only 4GB RAM, we all knew that we have to take it with a pinch of salt. Why? iPhone does great with 4GB RAM and Apple rarely puts over 4GB RAM in any of their smartphones. So what’s the catch here?

Well, we all should keep this in mind that the memory management of Apple and Android systems are completely different and their working procedure is also different. So obviously there are pros and cons for both the choices. But from a practical point of view, Android system generally needs more RAM to run seamlessly. So why a Tech Dominator like Google didn’t put more RAM in their flagship of 2018? Honestly, I don’t know. Were they going for excellent software optimization or tweaks which will work, we have no clue about any of these what so ever. But what we do know is this hardware implementation is already showing the negatives.

Apple vs Android
iPhone XS Max

The new Pixel phone has a bunch of similarities with the largest-ever iPhone model, including the trending notch (supposedly more noticeable in Pixel 3 XL), thin-bezels, and minimum 64GB of onboard storage. However, despite the similarities, the Pixel 3 XL has lost a speed test with the iPhone XS Max as the opponent.

The latest iPhone model is found to have better memory management over the Pixel 3 XL, which was recently spotted with memory management issues by some users.

A video posted by YouTube Channel PhoneBuff tests the performance of the Pixel 3 XL with the iPhone XS Max with two rounds of app launches on each phone to find a winner. It shows that while the latest iPhone model completes its first “lap” of app launches in just 1 minute and 46 seconds, the new Pixel phone took 2 minutes and two seconds in completing its first lap. In the first lap apps such as Facebook, Starbucks, Microsoft Word, Camera, and Subway Surfers are launched, in the second lap the same series of apps are accessed to test how quickly the competitors are able to recall them from their memory. The iPhone XS Max apparently dwarfs Pixel 3 XL in going back to the previously accessed apps. The end results show that the iPhone XS Max took about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to complete two laps, while the Pixel 3 XL finished the test in 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

It appears that the memory management issues that were reported soon after the launch of the Pixel 3 XL impacted its performance in the speed test. Also, the faster performance of the iPhone XS Max in the video highlights how efficient is iOS 12 in terms of caching apps in the background and optimising the overall experience.

Also in one of the videos of famous Content Creator MKBHD (Marques Brownlee), he mentioned that specifically his music app running in the background was closed completely while taking some photos. The Exact moment in the video: Move to 9:25.

Apple vs Android
Pixel 3 XL

Having said that, the latest speed test isn’t valid to measure real-world performance neither of the Pixel 3 XL nor the iPhone XS Max. There may be some instances in which you’ll see the latest Pixel phone defeating the top-end iPhone model. Also, network latency plays a vital role especially in loading apps that access Web services. So we have to take this results with a grain of salt as well.

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