CPU Clock Speed Records

By Subhajit Ghosh

This Information Is True Until : 3rd June 2018

Before we dive into the topic we need some Basics. All of us are quite familiar with Processors and in this Era of Computing and Huge Data Handling, we are pretty much doomed without this marvelous creation of Science & Technology. In short, Processor is defined as “A Component Which Processes Data in Digital System”. There are several measures through which we measure the power of a processor. Out of them “Clock Speed”, “Core Count”, “Cache” & “# of PCI Express Lanes” are one of the most important aspects. The Timeline shows improvement is both of these aspects from time to time and many Records have been established in the journey.

Maximum Clock Speed of a Processor ~

Google Search shows that a PC Desktop has an Average Clock Speed of 1.5 GHz2.5 GHz & Laptop or Macintosh have an Average Clock Speed of 1.0 GHz. Please keep in mind that these are Base Clock Speeds, without any Overclocking and Turbo Frequency. There are all Limits Set by the Companies. The Highest Records Achieved are done by Voiding Warranties and trying to get the most out of the Processors by any means. These include PC Enthusiast, Liquid Nitrogen Cooling, Liquid Helium, Increasing Working Voltage and What Not. But the results are Absolutely Mind Blowing.

Highest CPU Clock Speed
AMD FX-8150

To get the record, a team of “Elite Overclocking Specialists” cranked up the juice on an 8-Core Bulldozer-based FX chip desktop CPU until hitting a speed of 8.429 GHz — handily surpassing the previous mark of 8.308GHz. The Maximum Clock Speed Achieved Experimentally is also a “Guinness World Record” which is 8.429 GHz with a Multiplier of 31x and Bus Speed of 271,9MHz with Voltage at 2.016.

Unlocked Unit Used: –  AMD FX-8150 Black Edition, 8 Core, 8 Thread, Base – 3.6, Boost – 4.2 32nm Chip, AM3+

For Details of This Processor Click Here. No Benchmarks were done, it was just the Speed at which the PC Successfully Booted. The Record was set August 31, 2011, in Austin, Texas, by “Team AMD FX,” a group comprised of Elite Overclocking Specialists working alongside top AMD Technologists, who will also be named in the Guinness World Records.

Note: AMD’s product warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking. Extreme overclocking with liquid helium and liquid nitrogen should only be attempted by professional overclockers.

The Processors with Highest Clock Speed Set by the Companies are as Follows ~  

Intel Processors | Features are almost same for these Processors ~

Intel® Core™ i9-8950HK | Intel® Xeon® E-2186M

Base Frequency2.90 GHz | Max Turbo Frequency4.80 GHz

# Of Cores6 | # Of Threads12

For Details of This Processor Click Click Here 

Maximum CPU Clock Speed
Intel Core i9
CPU Clock Speed

AMD Processors ~

AMD FX-9590

Base Frequency4.70 GHz | Max Turbo Frequency5.0 GHz

# Of Cores8 | # Of Threads8.

For Details of This Processor Click Here

Maximum Clock Speed Achieved in a Laptop is 5 GHz ~

The Laptop is: – ASUS ROG G703G

Main Features ~

Intel® Core™ i9-8950HK | Overclocking to 4.8 GHz (Achieved 5 GHz) | GTX 1080, Overclocked to 1974 MHz 

For Details of the Laptop Click Here

CPU Clock Speed

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