AMD EPYC 64 Core CPU Benchmarks Shows Faster Results than Intel Xeon

By Subhajit Ghosh

At the Heart of your Quest for a New or Upgraded PC lies the single most important decision you can make: AMD or Intel? Like Apple vs. Microsoft or Fortnite vs. PUBG, AMD vs. Intel is one of the great debates for PC users. One of these two purveyors of finely-wafered silicon will produce the Beating Heart of your new PC. AMD and Intel are just as different from one another as the products they produce. There was a time when AMD was considered inferior to Intel in CPU market both in Consumer as well as Server space & Intel has ruled the Computer Processor Market for quite a long time. For the better part of a Decade, this was the typical Scenario endured by most PC Enthusiasts until the arrival of AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs. Their debut in early 2017 shook up that Long-Standing Formula.

Intel was always renowned for its better Performance and Reliability. But it also came with a Premium Price Tag. With cost serving as a major factor in building, upgrading, or purchasing a PC, choosing the right CPU often comes down to finding the one that offers the Best Bang for your Buck. For Eternity AMD’s Chips are generally cheaper than their Intel Counterpart.

AMD EPYC Structure

But still, it was Intel’s Performance Power which kept the market in their Favour. But with New Generation AMD Chips it seems that the Market has started to turn the Face towards AMD. Mostly because still the Price Tag of AMD is lower than Intel’s but the Performance in Comparison is Hugely Favourable towards AMD for the Value per Penny.

Lately, Intel’s upcoming Core 9000 CPUs have been making news, more than their fair share to be honest. Now, AMD has started retaliating, not in the consumer PC space but in the server market. Benchmarks of AMD’s rumoured 64-core EPYC CPU, code-named “Rome” have been leaked. These benchmarks were originally posted over at Chiphell, and the website claims that it’s from an engineering sample. The details of the chip have been blurred out, but it still posts an impressive 12,587 in the Cinebench multi-threaded test. Comparatively, Intel’s 12C/24T Xeon X5650 gets dwarfed with a mere 1,279 points. To put this into perspective, AMD’s own Threadripper 2990WX scores about 5,500 points in the same benchmark.

AMD EPYC Benchmark
AMD EPYC Eng. Sample

EPYC supports Octa-Channel memory while the enthusiast range Threadripper is limited to quad-channel. Apart from the memory and the die shrink, the clock speeds and other optimizations associated with the new 7nm based “Rome” architecture also contribute to this mammoth score.

AMD has already confirmed that it will sample “Rome” in the second half of 2018, so there definitely seems some truth to this leak. A screenshot of this chip has also been included in the leak. It shows an EPYC die identical to the older EPYC processors with the details smudged out. AMD is expected to detail “Rome” in 2019.

AMD EPYC Comparison

~ To Mention some Remarkable Features ~

  • It has Revolutionary Infinity Fabric.
  • Breaking Constraints of Moore’s Law.
  • Has 128 PCIe Links
  • Based on AMD’s ZEN 2 7nm Architecture
  • Octa Channel Memory Support with 16 DIMMs Memory Compatibility

Well, However, the Benchmarks and other leaks can show, the real story will be unveiled by 2019, which either will make Intel, a Joke or a Secret Silent Winner. All depends on time and Intel’s Approach towards the Challenge & at the same time Threat from its Eternal Rival.

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