G.Skill Trident Z Royal | There Is Truly No Limit

By Subhajit Ghosh

So, RGB has become like a prime Feature for any PC components. Anything starting from Peripherals, Accessories & the Hardware inside the Case as well. Also not to mention that anything which is not inbuilt RGB, can be implemented with RGB goodness within no time, with no hassle & near to no risk. For example the CPU or GPU etc. We have pretty much excepted it and has allowed it to mix in our bloods so much that anything not RGB seems to be a caveman stuff. But what’s interesting is the ongoing creative process to make the goods even better. It’s really a huge credit for the brands to go the extra mile, push the boundaries and come up with new innovations which are even more gorgeous than it already was.

G.Skill has done this exact thing with their new RAM, named Trident Z Royal. Starting with the first look, if you buy any of this Modules, then the first thing you will notice is how premium the packaging is. It’s like being Royal not only inside but from every perspective, it definitely feels expensive & premium.

Trident Z Royal
G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold

Moving on, to the actual hardware of interest, the branding on the hardware is very minimal and can fit in absolutely, seamlessly in any build. Then the Awww part is the RGB implementation in the modules. They have designed a crystalline cap made of plastic which looks very close to actual crystals. Whattt…??? Ya, now that’s the definition being creative.

This new design surely diffuses more light and the finish looks absolutely stunning. The colour finish also comes in Gold & Silver variant. The heat spreaders are highly reflective and acts sort of like a mirror on both sides.

Trident Z Royal
G.Skill Trident Z Royal Silver

It will surely bounce of any other light coming from other hardware inside the case. The lighting can also be controlled and customized using Asus Aura Sync and G.Skill also mentioned that it will work with other softwares as well, in future.

But as of now they are absolutely stunning. The Trident Z Royal goes from 3000MHz to 4600 MHz and is available in 16GB to 128GB kit. The unit will be available for purchase from December 2018 onwards.

Trident Z Royal
Trident Z Royal Specification

So as a conclusion it’s worth mentioning that there is always scope for Improvement, Creativity & Being Unique in Crowd as well. We just have to be patient and willing enough to go the extra mile to innovate it. And time to time this have been proves just as G.Skill proved it with their incredible Trident Z Royal.

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