Google Stadia | Is This The Future Of Gaming…!!!

By Subhajit Ghosh

This week Google announced Stadia, a Gaming Service that runs from the cloud rather than a Console, PC or a Gaming Rig. The concept of streaming games over the web isn’t new though. First, let’s quickly recap what Stadia is. Essentially, it runs games on Google’s Servers, then streams them to your device of choice. It will work on basically any device that can run Chrome or supports the Chromecast protocol (PC & Mobile with Chrome Browser Installed, Chrome OS Device etc.).

The testing period in last year named “Project Stream” gave maximum output of 1080p, 60fps & stereo sound. When Stadia will launch it will output 4k, 60fps, HDR and with Surround Sound. The future plan for it is 8k, 120fps. But 8k, 120fps is looking more sort of like a choice, because running both at the same time seems too good to be true. Stadia will launch in 2019 in US, UK, Europe & Canada.

Google Stadia
Stadia Controller

For Stadia to work, it needs a fast internet connection and a way of minimizing lag between inputs and responses—something Google is looking to do with its own dedicated Stadia Controller (it connects to the cloud directly via Wi-Fi).

In terms of performance all we can do at this moment is to compare the specs with the competitors. In terms of numbers the PS4 Pro offers 4.2 GPU Teraflops, Xbox One X offers 6 Teraflops & in compare Stadia offers 10.7 GPU Teraflops. Google calls it Flexible & Scalable solution, so actual performance will vary game to game.

Google Stadia
Performance Comparison

What is rather more interesting about Stadia is, it can be started from anywhere and we just need a link. From YouTube, Twitter chat you name it, just via a shared link. Also Multiplayer mode can be accessed in real time by crowd play feature.

Google Stadia
Stadia Streaming
Google Stadia
Stadia Specs
Google Stadia
Other Platforms

Also a separate 4k, 60fps feed is readily available to be streamed in any streaming platform, without the need of any streaming PC, OBS or anything like that. Another insane feature is multiple Stadia instances can be run at the same time. Google is also claiming No Hacking, No Cheating.

Running games from the cloud to a device means Google can promise some pretty cool tricks—like being able to easily swap between devices, and being able to easily share game states with other people—but we’re still waiting on quite a few of the details, like how much it’s all going to cost.

Google Stadia
Separate Streaming Feed
Google Stadia
Start From Anywhere

But to make all these successful, Google will need good game library. So most probably it will reach to a point where exclusive titles will come into play. Especially with project X-Cloud Microsoft does have the advantage here, because of having more IPs.  In which case we will need to choose out preferable gaming platform in future as well just as we do now (Like PC, Xbox or PlayStation).

We’ll have to wait and see just how polished Stadia is when it finally goes live.

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