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By Subhajit Ghosh


Let’s get to the point, The New iPad Pro’s Hardware is actually Incredible. It’s the most beautiful, most powerful & most Impressive iPad yet, but giving credits to IOS 12, it’s just an iPad & will not be replacing someone’s daily workhorse. Come to think of it, is it the potential Future? I obviously feel the people who say that they walk into an Apple store with $1000 and all they get is an iPad? Having seen many Content Creators using it as their second choice after their Main PC, I’m starting to believe that maybe this all small form factor workhorse is the Future, maybe Apple has got a point. OK, having said that let me give you a quick overview of this incredible piece of hardware.


The new iPad pro is exactly as people think how iPad should look like, crazy thin 5.9mm thick and completely flat, incredible almost near to bezel-less display, amazing sounding speakers and super powerful hardware components inside. There are options for an 11 inch or a 12.9-inch display with a space grey or silver colour. Oh ya, it’s boxy and also stands on its own, (How did I forget that?

iPad Pro 2018 Display
iPad Pro 2018 Screen

The Child has grown up & can stand on its own feet now). The whole device is very light and can be held with just one finger at the centre of the Apple Logo. So the weight distribution is very balanced. The edges are sharp. A+ battery even after being this crazy thin in form factor, the speakers are also very good, loud enough and have stereo effects because of being sufficiently spaced out.

The only bumpy thingy is the camera, but its way up in the corner so mostly unnoticed, & the Tablet is so big that it balances that bump and doesn’t rock back and forth. No Headphone jacks obviously. Clearly, it feels awesome outside.

iPad Pro Accessories
iPad Pro 2018

User Environment

On the inside, it gets even better. No Fingerprint Sensor or Home Button because of the slim bezel but there is the environment of Apple Face Id now and works from all orientation now. It’s really very confusing at times to determine the right orientation because the device is so flat and symmetric but while unlocking the device if the sensors are blocked by accident then it does shows an arrow pointing towards the Sensor to show the sensor position. The Display is one of the best in Tablets. A 120 Hz IPS LCD. Super accurate colours, very bright, good viewing angles Ultra responsive & smooth and True Tone if you want it.

iPad Pro
iPad Pro Sizes


Well, the specs don’t always reflect the true real life experience & Apple A12 X Bionic is hands down one of the most powerful chips in a mobile device. The Geekbench scores also rival some laptops and the 15 inch MacBook Pro, 4GB of RAM and the 1TB version has 6 Gigs. Generally, the performance is top notch, very fluid, Photo-Editing, Productivity, Switching between Apps everything feels snappy, solid and Smooth. Because of this crazy specs, there is also a ton of headroom for being Future Proof. The Accessories are also improved and are really good. The new Apple Pencil is really good, snaps on the side of the iPad with magnets and also wirelessly charges there. A new thinner folio case, better keyboard case and that also connects using magnets in the back. As MKBHD showed, there are a lot of magnets inside the iPad as well.


So after all these, what’s the holdup? IOS 12. Well even if IOS 12 is the best IOS yet and is great because of many reasons but still it leaves a lot to be desired on this hardware. So can it replace a laptop? Well, it’s scoring higher than many old laptops, have more storage, costs more than a laptop, has a better display, its touchscreen and a lot more to speak. Well, we wished it can replace a laptop, but it simply doesn’t, because it doesn’t provide the all rounded eco-system for being a daily workhorse.

iPad Pro 2018 Interface
iPad Pro 2018 Interface

It doesn’t have a file eco-system, the desktop website versions are very hard to open if there is an app for that website installed like YouTube & simply doesn’t get even close to a desktop environment. No support for Keyboard and Mouse, even if the Apple Keyboard meant for this device works great but other than that we can’t connect an external mouse, keyboard or trackpad. Even the USB C doesn’t open the connectivity world and does some basic things which are not of so much use for daily productivity work.

Magnet Sheet
Magnet Sheet
MKBHD iPad 2018 Review
Magnet Sheet

Well, there is virtually nothing new which we can do with that upgraded USB C port. So, even if it’s still better than many Apple Laptops by performance, still it is just an iPad and will not replace a Laptop soon enough. Maybe IOS 13 will unlock a new world for making iPad Pro close to a Laptop, we’ll see that.

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