Microsoft Launches Free Office App for Windows 10 To Help Improve Productivity

By Subhajit Ghosh

Microsoft has unveiled a new and free Windows 10 app directed towards anyone who uses its Office suite, either the paid or free version. Known simply as Office, the new app is an update over the previous My Office app. The intent is the same, but the new version sports a cleaner design and easier access to your Office programs and files. The new app displays icons for every program in the Office suite, so you can quickly launch Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneDrive and the rest. The app shows you recent files and documents, so you can open any of them to resume your work. It also shows you documents that you’ve pinned as well as those that others have shared with you.

Office 365

Microsoft Office has become more complex over the years simply because of the many different ways you can access it. Office is available as an Annual Subscription, as a one-time purchase, as a free online suite, and as a line-up of mobile apps for your phone and tablet. As such, Office users may not always know how or where to find or launch their applications and files. The Office app provides a single place where you can view, use, and manage Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2016 or the Free Office Online.

The Office app is similar to Microsoft’s website, which also helps you access your Office programs and documents. But with the app, you can see files stored on your local computer or device, open files from OneDrive or SharePoint, and work with files offline. The app also lets you upload documents from your computer or device, install Office and manage your online Office account. The new app will roll out to people over the next few weeks and then automatically install as an update to the old My Office app, Microsoft said in a blog post. Anyone who wants to try it right away can download and install it from the Microsoft Store.

MS Office

But beware, as an installation glitch is currently affecting some users. Even though the store page points to the new app, downloading the app installs the old My Office version rather than the new version. As usual, the glitch seems to vary by machine. People who commented in Microsoft’s blog post have reported a similar problem. A Microsoft spokesperson said the company is aware of the bug and is working to resolve it.

I tried to install the app and try it out, but to my surprise I think it’s a bit trickier in reality. Firstly if you want to enjoy the free features like editing, viewing office files etc. then first you will need to upload your files on the OneDrive (MS Cloud Platform), if you haven’t then it will prompt you to do so & there is no other way around it. Which also means you will need to make a Microsoft account and use OneDrive to take the advantage of tis app. May be this is the glitch, but I have no way to confirm. So I will wait until Windows rolls out the Official Updates and I see changes in the app.

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