AMD 3000 Series CPU - Zen 2

By Subhajit Ghosh

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Considering the fact that AMD is really pushing the limits at the same time keeping their incredibly low cost compared to Team Blue it is no wonder that AMD’s game is really catching up with the competitor and in some cases actually surpass it. But still Intel was undisputed king of Single Threaded performance. 

Ryzen 3000
AMD CPU Architecture

Well, in this year this statement may not hold true anymore with the leaked line up plan of AMD 3000 series processors. As revealed in CES 2019 it was confirmed that AMD is really pushing the limits to catch up to Intel and surpass it. Here we have Some Leaks from reliable sources to confirm the future

I myself is a big fan of Intel, but truth be told, the New King is Slowly Emerging to Dethrone the Long Lived King,  Truth is Truth. For gaining Few Percentage Increase in Performance, almost Double Cost than its competitive is really Unreasonable. I would happily trade off a minor gain in performance for half the price of the component, because it’s getting to a point where Value is More Important than Just Performance.

Ryzen 3000
AMD CPU Architecture Plan
Ryzen 3000
AMD 3000 Series 8 Core
Ryzen 3000
Ryzen 3000
AMD 3000 Series 12 Core Benchmark

Yesterday, our favourite leaker Tum Apisak found a User Benchmark with a 12 core Ryzen CPU! If we look at the processor info on that benchmark we can see an AM4 socket so we know its Ryzen 3000. 12 cores, 24 threads with a Base Clock of 3.4 GHz and a 3.6 GHz average in terms of Boost Clock.

I was pretty worried that AMD would just sell us Ryzen 3000 at a maximum of 8 cores and wait for the 4000 series to add the second chiplet. I know Lisa Su hinted at more chiplets by saying “you might expect that we will have more than eight cores” in an after show interview but it didn’t mean we would have it in this generation. I’m glad that this leak shows us further existence of a higher core count in AMD’s line-up!

Ryzen 3000
AMD 3000 Series 12 Core Sample

The Exponential Development and Increase in Performance and Reliability from the debut of first Ryzen & Threadripper CPU Line-Up has made it really big for AMD. Now they are ready to take it to next level and show the world that they have what it takes to rise to the top.

At this point the only thing left is response from Intel. But really if they don’t level up from their side then there is really few days left for Intel. Intel…!!! Why…??? Well, anyway I am happy with the competition until us, consumers continue to get quality product, which can be from anyone, at this point it really doesn’t matter much. But Time will Tell the Real Story.

Ryzen 3000
AMD 3000 Series
Ryzen 3000
AMD 3000 Series Lineup

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