Technology Blessing OR Curse…!!!

By Subhajit Ghosh

My Friend (Somnath) always Says that: –

सोच को बदलो, सितारे बदल जायेंगे,

नज़र को बदलो, नज़ारे बदल जायेंगे,

कश्तियाँ बदलने की ज़रूरत नहीं,

दिशाओं को बदलो, किनारे बदल जायेंगे


Which Translates To

Change Thoughts,

Fate Will Change,

Change Vision,

Scenario Will Change,

No Need to Change the Medium,

Change Direction,

Shores Will Change.


That’s all I need to deliver my message

to my Beloved Audience.

So is Technology, Blessing OR Curse!!? It’s really a matter of Perspective of an Individual. The Vision of People like me and you is the only thing which shapes the Purpose of Technology on planet Earth. Everything is created keeping only one purpose in mind, & that is the Betterment of Human Kind. The Conflict comes only when this Betterment of One becomes Poison for Another. If there is any Blessing then it is in the Positive Vision of those who utilize the technology for Good of All. And obviously, any Curse takes birth from the Greed, Ignorance and Hatred of people like us only, who don’t utilize it, instead take it as a Medium to Fulfil what we Desire. 

Every missile invented, every technology made, every marvel is created thinking about the Betterment of either One or a Group of People. Think about anything which seems Worthless and Only Destructive to you, but Think Deeper & you will see the Truth Proofing Itself again and again. What do you say, Missile? It was created to protect one country from the Unwanted and Sudden Danger from another country. But it became Destructive when countries used it not as a Measure of Defence but as a Medium of Threat, as a Way of Revenge.

Vision Creates Difference

What Next? Nuclear Energy? It was created to meet the Ever-Growing Need of energy of humankind. Because common means of energy is limited in quantity and those sources which are unlimited in quantity is not easily usable and is not economy friendly. So to meet this need, the nuclear energy medium was adopted, because comparatively, it is more efficient. But it was created to serve the need of Specific People, not everyone. And the Ignorance about Others leads to the Inevitable Harm for everyone else outside that specific group.

The same works for everything you can think of. Fortunately, it’s not all negative. If this Urge to think about this topic has come within me, then surely it has grown in you & in them as well. And that shows that it’s still not too late, to Change. There is no Need for Trying to Change Others because nobody can change others. Instead, Change Yourself, and your works will inspire others to Change Themselves | Vision Will Change. If you think it’s valuable and necessary to think for the Betterment of Everyone, not just me, then surely any Technology Can be a Blessing for all of us.

The need is to Change the Vision from Me to All of Us.

…Thanks For Your Support…
…Stay Positive, Think Positive & Create Positive…


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