Was Windows Vista That Bad...!!!

By Subhajit Ghosh

Among the PC Enthusiast, there are few things which create fear or rather a horror to be specific. And the Word “Windows Vista” has to be one of the most horrific examples. To most of the users, Windows Vista is buggy, slow and filled with bloatware mess. Windows Vista was bored but come to think of it, its successor “Windows 7” was adored. So was Vista’s heart truly Evil? Or was it misunderstood & was pushed into a world which wasn’t ready?

There are times when a brand steps forward to make something, which completely ignores the trends and goes completely south. Well, Thanks to these Brave moves of Brands because this Gutsy Practice is the only step towards the beginning of a New Era of Modern Trends. But more often the first step in the right direction can be Wobbly and everyone may not be prepared to welcome the change. In which case the attempt turns out to be a complete failure for the Company. But is it that bad to Fail sometimes? Well, let’s think about it with an example which is very familiar to most of us.

Windows Vista
Windows Vista No Longer Supported

It’s a really big debatable topic, “Was Windows Vista That Bad?”, you ask a dozen people & you will be greeted with a dozen different answers. So to put the debate in the experiment we had to find an ISO of Windows Vista and install it, to see what the root of the horror is. Windows Vista was released in 2007 and its support from Windows stopped more than a year ago, but surprisingly the Experience was not that bad.

The UI was snappy, polished and fairly welcoming to a new user who is upgrading from “Windows XP”. Anyway, it was Windows and to be honest the experience was very much similar to “Windows 7”. Then why the OS was Not Welcomed at the time of release?

Well, the answer requires a bit of history to be fair. Development of Windows “Longhorn” began in the year 2001, the year in which “Windows XP” was released. Longhorn was supposed to be released in 2003. Bu the various issues during the development phase left Microsoft conflicted about which new features to include in the OS and in Windows XP & in Windows Server. Things got so complicated that the development was reset in 2004 as the team leaders changed and much of the code was scrapped and repurposed. This was also the time when Longhorn finalised the new OS name as “Windows Vista”’. The launch was delayed a few more times and finally, on January 30th 2007 Windows Vista was public debuted.

Windows Vista
Windows Vista Naming
Windows Vista
Windows Vista Capable

Vista had a lot of tricks up its sleeve and also the creative graphics intensive “Aero UI”, with the translucency effects. Also, the back elements of the Windows were completely redone. So the Hardware requirements were much higher than anyone expected, which means that at launch Vista was slower than its predecessor on equivalent hardware. Because of this user’s accused Windows of packing the OS with lots of bloats as a part of a conspiracy to force them to upgrade their hardware. This created more holes in the reputation of Windows and that’s when they came up with the “Vista Capable” branding for many existing systems at that time. But those systems only met the requirements for “Windows Vista Home Basic”, which was one of the six versions of Vista release which were very confusing. Due to this misstep, Microsoft also got serves a class action lawsuit for misleading marketing. And to contribute to the problem, many component brands didn’t release upgrades for their older and even current version of hardware to work with Vista.

So users who seamlessly upgraded between older versions of Windows due to driver supporting old and new systems previously were outraged when their different hardware components didn’t work. As for the components which did work, since the coding was so different for Vista, even reputable brands like NVIDIA drivers were prone to system crashes a lot. Even when it was running normally Vista still caused issues among users.

Windows Vista
Microsoft Lawsuit

While the new User Account Control feature introduced in Vista which prompted users for permission in different cases was a great step forward towards security but it took control over so many things that the pop up made windows environment more sluggish for workstation environment and annoying for most users.

Well, some of the issues were addressed in the Service Pack 1 version of Vista which released in 2008, but in the same Service Pack, 3 for XP was also released. This made users confused about whether they should upgrade or stick to Windows XP. In 2009 Service Pack 2 of Vista got released which addressed many of the issues, but at that point we were 5 months away from the widely popular, welcomed and favourite OS, “Window 7”, which we agree or not was very similar to Windows Vista, with many improvements in hardware support and performance coming simply because of the upgraded and advanced hardware in 2009 and also because the developers gained sufficient experience from the past years of dealing with Vista.

Windows Vista
Windows Vista
Windows Vista
Windows Vista UI

So finally, “Was Windows Vista Really That Bad?” Well “Yes” and at the same time “No”. Including everything about it, Windows Vista was a huge step forward, maybe wobbly in the right direction. And when it evolved with time users appreciated it. In fact in 2008 a few months after releasing Vista Service Pack 1, Microsoft ran an ad campaign, called the “Mojave Experiment”, where they invited users to comment about how much they hated Windows Vista. Then try out “Windows Mojave”, the next version of Windows. To the surprise, all the users actually liked it and were shocked to know that “Windows Mojave” was nothing else but Windows Vista Service Pack 1. According to my thoughts, I think it was really a huge upgrade at that time & finally when Vista was good enough for a majority, Windows 7 was knocking at the doors which never gave Vista a chance to repair the irreparable damage to its reputation. And because of this Windows Vista will still be remembered as the Worst Windows OS in history.

Readers who are feeling pity and thinking about installing Vista now, please don’t. Because Microsoft stopped supporting it last year and you will be greeted with a horror message about everywhere which says, “This Computer Will No Longer Receive Updates Because Windows Vista Are No Longer Supported.” So it’s not a secure thing anyway.

Windows Vista
Windows 7 Is Same As Windows Vista
Windows Vista
Windows 7

So if we think about it then Vista wasn’t that bad, but mostly misunderstood because of it being ahead of its time. It was the beginning for many good kinds of stuff which we take for granted today. For example, new memory management model which used 3 RAMs to load frequently used application to give a smoother operation. But to users, it simply seemed as if Windows was hogging too much of Memory Space for no apparent reason. Also since the new “Aero UI” worked through GPU, the visuals were much better than the predecessors & going felt like caveman stuff. And today elements of “Aero UI” is seen in all sorts of things like in Windows 10, MAC OS and IOS, also the live updating tiles coming from Vista is like a must for Windows 10 tiles now. Vista also added Instant Search from the taskbar, built-in Windows Defender, built in user-friendly Backup System, BitLocker encryption system and User Control which in its modern refined version is essential for Windows and also a similar form is seen in MAC OS as well. It also added DirectX 10. Not to mention the completely redesigned print, display, networking system and audio management systems which became the backbone for the Upcoming Windows OS.

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