Xiomi Beats Samsung to Lead India Smartphone Shipments in Q3 2018

By Subhajit Ghosh

India, a Developing Country. India’s per Capita Income (Nominal) was $1670 per year in 2016, ranked at 112th out of 164 countries by the World Bank. So it’s merely about $140 / 10,500 Rs. per Month. In a country like India, it’s obvious that the demand for products with High Value per Penny is the most. And this applies to all the sectors, whether food, lifestyle, techs etc. So the title of this topic should be of no surprise to most. From the day the Brand Xiomi started selling mobiles in the Indian market, it was affordable and mainly of low to medium range. None of the Xiomi mobiles launched in India was priced over 35000 Rs. / $480, the costliest being Xiaomi Mi MIX at Rs. 34,500 / $470.

With a 27% market share, Chinese handset maker Xiomi dominates India smartphone shipments in the Third Quarter of this year. India smartphone shipments during the July-September period of this year grew 24% sequentially and 5% year-over-year.

Xiomi India

Xiaomi, which recorded its highest ever shipments in India in a single quarter driven by the new Redmi 6 series and expansion in offline channels, was followed by Samsung (23%), Vivo (10%), Micromax (9%), and OPPO (8%).

“India’s shipments surpassed those of the US during the quarter; the second time this has occurred,” said Karn Chauhan. The top five brands captured 77% share of the total smartphone market during the quarter, the report said, adding that the smartphone segment contributed to half of the total handset market during the July-September period of this year. India, which now has over 400 million smartphone users, recently surpassed the US to become the second largest smartphone market in the world after China.

Xiomi India
Poco F1

The launch of a new sub-brand, Pocophone, also helped Xiaomi lead the India smartphone market in terms of shipments. Samsung’s shipments were driven by the J series as the demand for J6 and J8 remained strong. Apart from this, the South Korean tech giant also launched the Android Go edition, Galaxy J2 core, giving it a much-needed offering in the sub $100 segment Vivo shipments reached their highest ever as it refreshed its V series with the launch of the V11 and V11 Pro.

Micromax was back among the top five brands for the first time in two years. Micromax, along with Reliance Jio, has won an order from the Chhattisgarh government under which it will be the sole supplier of five million smartphones to be distributed to women and students in the state. However, shipments are likely to decline following completion of the order. OPPO shipments also increased during the quarter driven by refreshed product lines, notably the F9 series.

Xiomi India

As a conclusion, it is necessary to say that the low price of Xiomi handsets is not the only factor behind the huge sells. Because Samsung also has mobiles with low price as well. Rather the deciding factor, in this case, is what the value per penny is. Regarding this, hands down Xiomi gives a lot of features in even their entry-level products and it gets better with the increase in range as well. Most of the features of a typical flagship mobile are there in a handset of Rs. 15000 / $200. Surely it is of no question that the quality of the internal hardware and build quality will not be of high grade compare to flagships over $500 or more. But we can say that it gives the basics of everything. And for some unknown reason, this trend is getting mostly preferred in India.

But whatever may happen, the next inquiry that comes is, “Will Xiomi be able to hold its Position?” We’ll see.

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